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So you’re lazy — the truck only gets a few coats of wax a year.  It’s work doing it by hand, and you’re too cheap to buy a dedicated buffer.  Instead of investing in a new tool, save some dough and grab Porter-Cable’s lambswool polishing pad.  It comes with a hook-and-loop backer that fits the orbital sander you already own.

The polishing pad attaches to most 5″ orbital sanders that use hook-and-loop paper.  To accommodate people with larger 6″ sanders, Porter-Cable also makes a larger 6″ version.  Either pad’s fine lambswool will buff and polish surfaces to a high gloss with no scratching.

You can pick up Porter-Cable’s 5″ polishing pad for around $8 to $12 — not much more than the price of a can of wax.

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7 Responses to Turn Your Orbital Sander Into A Buffer

  1. akbar fazil says:

    anyone ever use one of these on their sander? Logically it seems like it would work great but at the same time I am wary of using anything like this on my nice shiny car.

  2. Toolhearty says:

    Your truck gets waxed? Multiple times a year?

    The only time mine sees water is when it rains.

  3. paganwonder says:

    Buff out a Super-Duty truck with a 5″ pad? Sounds like a Zen master exercise. (and felt like one too). I thought it was a lot of wear and tear on a quality woodworking tool. Power Buffer- cheaper and better at the job.

  4. BC says:

    Hah… And then when you grind the sanding dust from that oak door you worked on yesterday into the paint on your vehicle?

    Use a dedicated buffer – they’re not that expensive.

  5. Shopmonger says:

    I am not sure wear and tear would be an issue if it is really a QUALITY woodworking tool…… and saw dust… ok if you buy one of these to buff out your car,,… and leave it out in the shop unprotecte then yes you are a moron and deserve the swirls it will put in your paint. However…. using one of these for the car would be great,….. (aka cheap) and if oyu buy another one…. you can use it to apply wax finishes on your wood working projects….

  6. Rogue says:

    This is nothing new. Car fanatics have been using the Porter-Cable 7424 and 7336 for years to polish paint. PC even sells the 7336SP as a kit with a foam pad (not Hook & Loop). Personally I would stay away from wool for any last step application, but a quick search for ‘car detailing retailers’ will get you 1000’s of hits. Foam pads are the prefer material for last step application. And yes, it is faster, easier and produces a better finish than working by hand.

  7. Vincent perry says:

    Do you have buffer pads for electric shoe buffers

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