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People often overlook ironworkers, lumping them in with the throngs of “construction guys” at work everyday in large cities.  In fact, most people see them all the time, but never stop to think about what they’re actually doing.  Is this a shocking video?  No, not really;  there are no falls or close calls, just a guy doing his job.  The thing is, this guy hangs it out there like this, day in and day out –- respect.

Crawling out onto a window frame to weld in brace points twenty stories up — even with a safety rope — is not on my list of things I’m willing to do for a living.  I freely admit to being a huge sissy in this regard and feel no shame over it.  A tip of the hat to all the guys that get it done so we don’t have to.

Ironworkers Local 63_002 [YouTube]


11 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Ironworkers

  1. jeff says:

    Um, did he whip the rest of his stick when he finished his weld? By the time that hit the ground, it would still be hot, I think.

  2. Jamie says:

    I think i crapped my pants just watching that.

  3. John says:

    Those are ornamental ironworkers on curtain wall.
    He is probably throwing his stick at a glazier.

  4. asbestos says:

    Yeah he through his stick over the edge. everyone down below is just some sissy.

  5. kg2v says:

    Back in college, I worked at a company that installed bridge crane system, and other systems for moving stuff around at height (must admit non union). As my foreman said the first time I was out on the iron “Once your about 40 ft up, it no longer makes a difference, it’s just how long you fall before you die”

    Interesting that I had NO fear of heights then, and today, under certain situations, it makes my guts knot – like going over a bridge with narrow lanes, where you’re higher than the guard rail

  6. Frank says:

    That guy better be making some bank is all I have to say…

  7. Garrett says:

    Chances are, he’s working for a union, and probably making more than he deserves.

  8. M80 says:

    I am a union ironworker out of Local 7 in Boston, and a regular reader of this site. Thank you for the recognition.

  9. George says:

    He’s an ironworker? Wonder who’s work he’s stealing then? Actually looks like it’s ironworker work though in the video.

    The next clip is of an ironworker doing boilermaker work.

  10. Sean the Ironworker says:

    As my brother from Local 7 said, thanks for recognizing the work we do. Being the seventh member in four generation I am very proud of the trade I do. The reason we get paid what we do is the risk we take. In fact, I lost 4 multi-generation Iron Workers building the “Veteran’s Memorial Skyway Bridge” in Toledo, Ohio. It is the only mass trade in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world. It was only timing that I was not involve in that accident, I was supposed to be on that crew when they picked up people in the spring. I would have died with them, I am the same type of Ironworker; do whatever it takes to get the job done. I did end up on that bridge working a few feet from where they were killed, when the bridge work continued. Most would not man that job after that, I volunteered even though my family did not want me to. That is why we make what we do and at times like that it is not enough. If you think we make too much, then climb a column on a leading edge hundreds of feet in the air, lock in and make a connection without anything but your own skill to keep you alive. Maybe then you would truly realize what we do and why we get paid that much. George currently the Boilermakers in Toledo can not man their own work and are employing many of my brothers so we (Union Tradesman) do not loose work to the ABC rat bastards. Know what your talking about before you assume, we are stealing anything.
    Sean ‘The Ironworker’ Powless
    Yes the same one who built that bridge to the Whitehouse for Barack Obama.

  11. local 60 memeber syracuse,ny says:

    I am a first yr apprentice for local 60 in syracuse,ny, I havent been out on many jobs yet but I can tell you im very proud to be a union ironworker, ironworkers are the backbone of this society, building bridges and buildings of great heights, we have accomplished alot in the past 100 yrs, and every ironworker should be proud.

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