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If you thought one adjustable jaw on a spring clamp was good, does that mean two are better?  Bessey must think so because they’re introducing a spring clamp in the VarioClippix line with two adjustable jaws.

The second sliding arm on the XV5-170 extends the VarioClippix’s capacity from 4″ to 6-1/2″, with a 2″ throat depth.  Despite its large jaw capacity you can still operate the clamp with one hand.  The comfortable dual-component handles give you a firm grip, and the soft-touch swivel jaw pads won’t damage your workpiece.

The single-adjustable-jaw VarioClippix runs from $7 to $10 — we expect the double-jawed VarioClippix will be in the same ballpark.

VarioClippix [Bessey]
Double-Jaw VarioClippix (PDF) [Bessey]


One Response to Two Adjustable Jaws Are Better Than One

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Now this looks great, If it works out, someone could have a few of these in their shop instead of the 30-40 diff spring clamps… even at harbour freight pricing, these could take over a ton of jobs that those cheap ones do in my shop.

    Jigs also would be great with the expanded capability

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