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Ok, so it’s not really a Terminator, but someone involved with this project had to be a Terminator fan. Officially, Seco Tools machined a miniature skeleton from a 6”x12” aluminum billet to demonstrate the capabilities of their tooling. They made a 3D scan of a full-size skeleton, translated that to a solid model, then converted the solid model into the tool path for their CNC machine.

The hands-off operation can create models accurate to one thousandth of an inch — someday the technology may allow Toolmongers to machine human body parts to fit the individual recipient.  Seco raffled off this piece to one lucky visitor at the 2008 International Manufacturing Technology Show. Maybe it’ll show up on eBay.

[American Machinist]


2 Responses to It's Just Cool: CNC Terminator

  1. Shopmonger says:

    CNC machines have come a long way. i was just talking to a guy who makes machines that “scan” your mouth to create dental moldings, instead of the old “plaster caster” method of putting a cup of go in your mouth and holding it there……

  2. darksabbat says:

    now that is truly amazing how far they have come. I used to work on an old cnc drilling machine. I can not wait to see this get into use in medicine, I have a square plate in my left arm and would have loved a custom fit one.

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