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Why should J-rollers get all the fun?  Although it looks like a toy race car, the SpeedRoller Pro from FastCap fits comfortably in your hand to roll on laminates with pressure-sensitive adhesives, such as edge-banding or veneers.

The SpeedRoller applies even pressure across a 3-1/4″-wide swath, and it comes with two rubber rollers and two polished steel rollers.  You use the rubber rollers when you don’t need quite as much pressure per square inch as the steel rollers provide.

The SpeedRoller Pro runs about $29.

SpeedRoller [FastCap]
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3 Responses to SpeedRoller Pro

  1. Shopmonger says:

    The roller look as if they are steal….
    That would concern me because wood is not a perfect surface, and you need something soft to conform to the small imperfections in the wood surface.

  2. Zathrus says:

    “It comes with two rubber rollers and two steel rollers”

    And while wood is not a perfect surface, the laminate rolls that this thing is made for are pretty darn close (and the glue makes up the difference). But, as the post says, you can always use the rubber rollers if you want to use less force.

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    I WISH that everyone putting on laminate edging would seal the wood with water resistant glue, first, so that spilled water wouldn’t bloat up the panel, requiring replacement of the entire goddamn unit.

    SOME people do it right…

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