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I dig this video because as kids playing with Tonka toys we all did this kind of thing constantly in the backyard.  Those Tonka cranes would grab and move just about anything — it’s nice to see these guys have the same idea.

Although the very sight of this kind of heavy lifting probably sends the guys who designed the cranes into fits of gibbering madness, I can’t think of a cooler way to use crane arms.  I know it’s hard work and these gents are earning a living and all, but it’s still gotta be fun to play with the 1:1 scale versions of this rig.

Creative Use Of A High-Hoe [YouTube]


3 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Life-Sized Tonka Truck Action

  1. jeff says:

    Don’t forget the resolution of the first video.

  2. Dustin Wyatt says:

    Those aren’t cranes, they’re excavators.

  3. Yeah, those look like track-hoes to me and not cranes. Cool video.

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