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Is your snowblower missing something?  Perhaps you’re not satisfied with that 5 to 10 horses that your current unit puts out — it needs a bit more power, or maybe even a set of headers.  The guys at V8 Snowblowers can hook you up with a blower built around a 454 big block.

The blowers from V8 come complete with an Edelbrock polished air intake, Moroso air scoop with functional butterfly valves, and custom upswept exhaust headers with pipe wrap.  It’s enough to make that Craftsman out in the garage look like a windup toy.

Of course, a snowblower that’s got more juice than your car may be a bit excessive — but who’s to say where the line is between a healthy desire to keep snow under control, and gear-nut obsession?

We’re guessing pricing isn’t on the site for a good reason.  These probably cost more than your average lawn tractor, and a lot more than your average snowblower.

V8 Snowblowers [Website]


12 Responses to It’s Just Cool: V8 Snowblowers

  1. Toolhearty says:

    Oh, look. Straight pipes. Guy in the photo has to be deaf.

    I’m sure my neighbors would love it if I fired one of these suckers up at 6am.

  2. BC says:

    Is that Tim Allen? 😀

  3. rbb says:

    It would be even cooler if it used tank treads instead of wheels…

  4. Trevor says:

    …and some sort of laser system.

  5. Shopmonger says:

    If they were smart they would have hte exhaust flow out the botton in a spiral patter and ahve it melt the “ice” that tends to lye under the packed snow. But this is just soooooooo cool

  6. Keith says:

    This is one cool snow blower. It was fetured in a Popular Mechanics article. The machinist who made it lives in Canada, with tons of snow. He burned out multiple other snow blowers in the deep, hardpacked snow.
    When he said he was going to make this beast, his neighbor called him crazy. When he finaly fired it up for it’s maiden voyage, he piled his disbeleiving nighbor’s car in a twenty foot pile of snow. From four houses away. THAT is power.
    Just a note, he had just put on treads before the PM photo shoot. It has more horsepower than most new cars.

  7. kyle says:

    That is awsome I want one

  8. neville says:

    do you have plans to build such a snowblower?if so send details.thank you>

  9. neville says:

    do you have plans to build such a snowblower?if so send details.thank you> wuld like to make one.

  10. COOTER says:

    Does anyone have a way of contacting the builder to find out if he plans to either manufacture, or sell plans to built this V-8 Snowthrower? If anyone has a link, or knows how to use the computer better than me, which sure wouldn’t be hard to do, I’d like to contact him about purchasing one. Any help you could give me, would be most appreciated. Thanks very much, COOTER

  11. PutnamEco says:

    His website is Kaput….


    More info from the internet archives wayback machine if you care to google it.
    Last save was May 6, 2008

  12. StreetRodder says:

    Building this unique toy, is no different than any of the 14 streetrods I’ve built. They’re just for fun, because I was able to build them. This guy used a bigblock he had, and made himself one cool toy. I’m envious of what he’s done. The engineering is top notch, and it’s well thought out. I give him two thumbs up. I’d like to pull it to a hotrod show behind my ’29 Ford Model ” A “. Very cool…….thanks, StreetRodder

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