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CS Unitec has come up with a green alternative for grinding steel — they make the backing plates of their PLANTEX discs from natural hemp fiber with a 1% polypropylene binder.

The hemp backing plate is quieter, it absorbs heat, it maintains its shape but is also flexible, it’s easily disposed of, and it’s a renewable resource.  And since it’s self-trimming, you can use it down to the last bit.  We applaud this very innovative use of a new technology.

CS Unitec makes the discs in Germany, where industrial hemp cultivation is legal.  In the US, you can’t legally grow industrial hemp without a DEA permit, which is nearly impossible to obtain.

PLANTEX Discs come in sizes from 4” to 7” and in 40, 60, 80, or 120 grit.  No pricing is listed, but the manufacturer claims they cost no more than a medium-quality conventional flap disc.

PLANTEX Discs [CS Unitec]


5 Responses to Industrial-Hemp Grinder

  1. Ben76 says:

    Man I love being green but when I ever use these I always get this funny smelling smoke.

  2. SleighBoy says:

    Ah, the ban on Industrial Hemp, that’s our ridiculous government at work. Nevermind the many benefits of it as a fiber or it’s oil, we need to ban that stuff because it’s in the same family as a “drug” plant.

    Just think of the jobs and money that could be invested right here in the U.S. if this ban was lifted. Instead, it goes to Germany. Good call, keep that money flowing out of this country. 🙂

  3. aaron says:


  4. BG says:

    I live in Switzerland where it is also legal to grow industrial hemp. The way they control the potential for drug production is that the government tests all the hemp fields throughout the summer and if any one plant has a THC content over a minuscule amount all of the farmer’s hemp fields are destroyed. This gives the farmers a very great incentive to make sure they are growing only industrial hemp. It seems to work very well here.

  5. rbb says:

    BG –

    That would not work in the US. The pot growers don’t care one bit about the land they use to grow their stuff. What you would see happen is some poor farmer getting his entire crop destroyed because some a**hole decided to grow a few pot plants among the hemp.

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