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Thanks, Nick, for this great metalworking shot.  There’s something elemental and intensely cool about working steel.  Maybe it’s the power of hammering something into existence, or the fact that others are scared to try it — whatever it is, it appeals to tool guys young and old.

We really can’t judge what they’re making from the block on the end of that pole — but perhaps when it’s done, Nick will post up a few shots of what this session of sweat and elbow grease produced.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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  1. Nick says:

    What it is is a mystery. Kent’s (the older bearded guy, as opposed to me, the slightly younger bearded guy) postman wanted a wedge that was 3″ square at one end by 12″ long. He didn’t say if it was for splitting wood, levelling machinery, splitting rock, etc. Kent didn’t care as he makes the money anyway.

    We didn’t finish it that night. Kent has an open shop night once a week that a bunch of us hang out at. Hopefully it will be finished, or we’ll finish it this week and I’ll snap a pic. The handle was welded on the end just so it could be held comfortably. It’ll get cut off after the forging is done.

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