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Craftsman’s new site layout bids everyone welcome to their Garage of Knowledge.  Normally I find this kind of thing pretty cheesy — but at least it shows somebody’s at home and putting effort into making your experience more entertaining.

At first I thought it would be difficult to find anything, but the icon-heavy format is surprisingly navigable. The only hiccups we found were some bounding issues with the clickable items — for instance, when we clicked on a leaf blower we got the info for the lawn tractor.

Every site has to work out these kinds of kinks in the beginning, and overall we like Craftsman’s new digs.

Garage Of Knowledge [Craftsman]


One Response to Craftsman’s New Site Format

  1. Bruce Jenner says:

    I was immediately blown away by this entire experience. Everything is so sharp and as Sean mentions, very easy to navigate. It is an immersive and educational site that looks great and gets the point across.

    I agree with ToolMonger and like Craftsman’s new digs too.

    Great job Craftsman!

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