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Carry Stanley’s Mitey Knife on your keychain and you’ll always have a miniature utility knife with you.  This lightweight knife weighs less than an ounce and measures 3-1/2″ inches when closed.

Just like a standard utility knife, the two-piece reinforced plastic handle also stores the high-carbon steel blades, which measure 1-1/8″ long and 0.017″ thick.  A push button locks the blade into two different cutting positions and also retracts the blade.

Stanley sells the Mitey Knife in green or yellow plastic bodies (10-139) and a metal body (10-239).  Each knife includes two blades and a keychain.  You’ll pay about $2 to $3 for a Mitey Knife and $2 for a three-pack of replacement blades (11-013).

Mitey Knife [Stanley]
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3 Responses to Mitey (Small) Utility Knife

  1. Greg A. says:

    I’ve got a similarly sized box cutter from craftsman, keep it on my key chain comes in handy when I forget my pocket knife

  2. ShopMonger says:

    I used to carry a similiar item and it was very useful….

    great idea…

  3. Perry Jones says:

    I’ve carried one of these on my keyring for years now. It’s incredibly useful to have. Mine is also safety green, so it’s harder to lose my keys.

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