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Marco Facciola has more going on at sixteen than most kids do at twenty; he crafted every part of this bicycle, from stem to stern, out of wood.  This isn’t just a pretty piece of art, either — it’s completely functional.

Yeah, it’s not much on suspension, but cut Mr. Marco some slack — with his dad’s ShopSmith he cut the hollow sleeves for the chain and designed a free-wheel ratchet system for the rear wheel so he wouldn’t have to pedal downhill.

This is pretty cool even if he wasn’t sixteen — but at an age when I was seeing how many welding rods I could stick into the shop-class ceiling, he’s got stress, load, and material properties figured out.  Perhaps I should’ve paid more attention to my high-school shop teacher.

Making A Wooden Bicycle [Lee Valley]


6 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Homebrew Wooden Bike

  1. dlone says:

    This is way more cool that the $300,000 “motorcycle” from a few days ago. Brilliant, Marco.

  2. Old Coot says:

    Good job Marco! Can’t wait to see his next project.

  3. ShopMonger says:

    Yeah this is sweeeeeeeet. Nice Job…

    hats off and “root” beers up to you young man

  4. Blore40 says:

    Awesome job!

    When I was his age, I built a.. wait I did nothing, I just read comic books and played in the streets.

    …rear wheel so he wouldn’t have to pedal downhill….

    I don’t see brakes.

  5. Davo says:


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