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Running through the latest Harbor Freight ads is always worth your time.  You’ll find great deals on stuff you’d like to have and low prices on future garage-sale fodder.  This time around we found a solid oak workbench for $160 — right below it was an ad for a set of decorative bird reflectors.

Now I’m sure someone out there has a great love for plastic yard decor and will give me guff for slamming the stuff, but how some of these items make it to shelves is a head-scratcher.  The solid oak 60” workbench looks cool for someone who doesn’t want the hassle of making one themselves.  Perhaps they think the good deals will make up for the shiny yard art.

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10 Responses to Fun With Harbor Freight

  1. Bill says:

    BE ADVISED, the Coalition Responsible for the Advancement, Acceptance, and Appreciaton of Plastic Yard art, aka CRAAAPY has been made aware of, and been sincerly offended by your comments regarding the beautiful objects d’art for sale at the above named establishment. We intend to send our field operatives to your business and home addresses to protest your lack of sensitvity. When you find your lawns covered with militant plastic pink flamingoes and chanting yard gnomes don’t say we didnt warn you!

  2. Old Coot says:

    Bill: You’ve got a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks. Now could you stop by and help cleanup my keyboard and monitor?

  3. rick says:

    Harbor freight is great. But dont buy lif upport equipment from them. If you make a living with a specific tool, dont buy it from harbor freight, but for home use, its great. they are cheap and pretty much disposable. I definitely reccomend taking a look there! I have bought a lot from them, no problems other than some cheap clamps.

  4. aaron says:

    what about the aluminum box beam clamps? they just had the 60″ on sale for 11 bucks so i got a few… they seem pretty good actually – pretty solid and an acme thread to boot.

    the quick grip clamps are a bit sub par.

    also, while i was there a worker told me that all the “pittsburgh tool” tools have a warantee like craftsman hand tools – if they ever break they’ll replace em for free. not bad!

  5. miket says:

    When social etiquite says you Have to get your boss a christmas gift…

  6. Michael W. says:

    The bench could be worth it for someone that can’t glue up their own. The base is probably wobbly, but it wouldn’t be too hard to replace it with a sturdier one.

  7. Izrun says:

    I actually have that bench. It was my first bench, and one that I bought to get me started before I built my own bench. It is surprisingly sturdy and I am quite pleased with it. Much better than anything you can buy for a similar price at HD/Lowes. Now, it’s not an incredible piece, don’t get me wrong but it IS sturdy and will get the job done. I still use mine, since it works well enough and i still haven’t decided what kind of table I want to build for myself. I’m thinking new fangled, but we’ll see…

  8. ShopMonger says:

    Thier 60 ” clamps rule, i have several boards cooking at home using them.

    Also thier engine hoist is great, I had one and used it way beyond its capacity and my cousin still uses it in his shop today (left it with him in cali when i came out to NJ)

    Thier quick grip clamps are very fragile but if you put metals pins in them they last longer……

  9. DaveD says:

    I considered buying that bench but ended up rolling my own with some leftover wood I had for quite a bit less.

    I’ve got a fair amount of cheap tools from harbor freight and for what they cost, they don’t seem too shabby. A corded VSR drill, their 4″ grinder (for like $10!), the 7″ polisher and various wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. The Pittsburgh tools do have a lifetime warranty and I’ve been told you just take the faulty tool into the store and they give you a replacement.

    Sure I’d like nothing but high end tools, but I gotta save some of that money for projects to use my tools on!

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