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I had to stare at this photo for a minute or two before I figured out why it looked wrong to me.  All the tools and assorted stuff felt right, but there was something slightly off about it.  Then I realized that everything wasn’t coated in a fine layer of sawdust –- strangely enough, it looked too clean.

It’s not that every shop has to have dust in it — in fact, some dust-collection systems pretty much nix the issue altogether — but I feel much more at home in a place where tools are piled waist deep and sawdust/welding dust is visible on most surfaces.  Beware the tool guy with a spic-n-span shop.

Thanks to chiefdm5 for posting it up for us.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


11 Responses to Flickr Pool: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Sean maybe your eyes have gone bad, but I can definitely see dust on the red circ saw and the red drill/impact driver (can’t tell exactly what it is). There’s sawdust coming out of the yellow tool which looks like a Dewalt planer and a fine layer of dust on top of it too. Dust on the black case on the shelf… In fact if you look at the big version of the picture on flicker I see dust everywhere.

    Given it doesn’t look like the inside of the computer from the last post, but when you get that much dust on your tools it looks like you don’t use them. That would be bad too.

  2. Sean O'Hara says:

    LOL, I dunno Ben. My shop looks like it’s been snowing sawdust for a year almost all the time – despite constant sweeping and vacuuming. But I take you point, dust due to disuse is just as bad 😉

  3. _Jon says:

    To me, it means this is a storage area and not a work area.

  4. Greg A. says:

    I dunno, to me personally I do my best to keep my shops as clean as possible sure I miss a spot or two but I hate dusty or dirty shops. To me it’s sign that you don’t care enough to clean. Not trying to insult anyone just mho. Spic-n-span beats mess any day of the week.

  5. KMR says:

    I really don’t care about people’s home shops. However, for work we sub out, I won’t use anyone that has a dirty or unorganized shop. It shows a lack of discipline, care and time management. I keep both my home and work shops as clean as possible, twice a year anything that moves is taken out of the work shop and the floors are washed. Tools are always put away clean, where they belong…

    During college I worked one summer at a Brit car shop that kept tools in kitchen Tupperware bins. It was a major waste of time. Sockets would sit inside other sockets, and blame would be voiced “you lost X tool” when it couldn’t be easily found. Most tools weren’t lost, but tremendous amounts of time were lost because of the poor organizational approach to tool keeping. That was my only summer in that shop.

  6. Chris says:

    Duh! The problem is there aren’t enough tools. Also, it’s hard to use a bench grinder on the shelf. Maybe if you stood on the bench…but then where would you put the tools??? If it’s not one thing….

  7. Darren Moore says:

    This is a small and busy storage garage for my framing company. Some of my companies framing projects are posted on flickr.

  8. Mike lee says:

    My workbench is clean. However, when I am working on a project, my workbench looks like this.

  9. Gary says:

    My workbench isn’t quite that bad right now, but I doubt there are 6 square inches open. Haven’t built my new workbench, working on a turning project, a flat project and rehabbing an old Miller Falls miter saw.

    Efficient? Probably not. But its a hobby and I have the advantage of working on things as I can. Unless my wife wants something, of course…

  10. ShopMonger says:

    ok 1st of all fix the auto update , too fast again…

    anyway I Now have 4 benches because of said problem…

    2 for current “Me’ projects”
    1 for the big builds
    and one roll around with 2 big shelves for the “Wife needs done now….” Projects.

    The roll around is also great for storeing thinsg like bungee cords, straps, jack stands. I also have a set of screw drivers and a place for my welding helmut.

    it also has a foot rest so i can hold the cart where i need it when wrechign on something in the vise attaches to one corner……..

  11. ShopMonger says:

    P.S I still think I need another roll around with a metal top for some serious metal thwacking

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