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PCs don’t feel too at home in the shop, what with all the dust, dirt, oil, paint overspray, you-name-it. Open up your home or office PC case and look at how much dust has accumulated inside it — that’s only a fraction of what happens in an industrial setting.  Made of a breathable fabric, the PC Dirt Bag totally encases your PC and filters out all the nasty shop crud.

The Dirt Bag allows your computer to stay clean and cool, which helps extend its life.   You gain access to the CD or floppy drives by cutting a hole in the bag and then covering it with the included self-adhesive access panel. Dirt Bag claims their product will last up to nine months.

Prices start at $18 each, with quantity discounts for ten or more. With seven different sizes, you should be able to find one to fit your machine. They also make versions for printers and monitors.

PC Dirt Bag [Dirt Bag Inc.]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to Bag Yourself A PC

  1. Kris says:

    Notwithstanding their claim that this product only causes an increase of 1 degree in the video card, I would worry about airflow obstruction.

    Where did that “before” photo come from, the dust bowl?

  2. Pete says:

    I have seen the inside of PC’s worse than the before pic. Even in home PC’s dust and animal hair can destroy the components due to over heating. As for PC’s located in an industrial setting, try PC’s underground in a salt mine. I just might have to test one of these out. Airflow obstruction is a concern, but it might be worth testing out, the salt and dust down there is mind-boggling. I wonder how some of them still runs.

  3. Zathrus says:

    I have to wonder how long the bag will last before it gets obstructed with dust and stops “breathing”.

    Really, if you have a work area this bad then you should consider building a small box with in and out vents to outside/cleaner air.

    Of course, that’s not going to help Pete’s salt mine… you’re pretty well screwed in that situation.

  4. ryan says:

    salt mine eh? Good use for cheap disposable second-hand computers networked to a server in a safe location.

  5. Michael W. says:

    I could use one of these in my house….

  6. T says:

    We have a similar problem with the PCs on our welding lines. We did a positive ventilation approach. Get a reasonably airtight cabinet, and mount a fan/blower on the outside that pushes air into the cabinet. Put filters on your intake and swap ’em out regularly. The exhaust air blows all the holes, etc, in the cabinet clear of dust as long as you have good filtration going in.

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