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You’ve grown up and replaced the sandbox with a backyard full of dirt and rocks and other heavy things to move around.  Your old yellow Tonka truck isn’t up for the task, and you really don’t have room for a full-blown dump truck — so Gorilla Ladder’s dump cart might just be the tool you need.

The high-strength molded polypropylene bed can haul 600 pounds of stuff, but beware that Gorilla Ladder only rates the dumping capacity at half that.  Also, we’re not sure why they provide exterior bed dimensions as opposed to interior dimensions, but the bed measures 36-1/4″ by 19-1/4″ by 7-1/2″.

Removing a pin converts the the handle into a trailer hitch, so you can tow the cart behind a lawn tractor or ATV.  The 10″ pneumatic tires should roll over all kinds of terrain, and a quick-release dumping mechanism makes it easy to dump your load when you arrive.

The dump cart lists for $70, but street pricing puts the cart at more like $80.  We’re not sure what gives with the markup, but at least Amazon gives you free shipping to justify the difference.

Dump Cart [Gorilla Ladders]
Street Pricing
[Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Dumping Garden Cart

  1. ShopMonger says:

    I always thought these were a waste, until I got a dumping cart for my tractor……. They are just extremely useful and nice to have….

    Would not want to be with out it now….

  2. Chris says:

    Owning neither a lawn tractor nor ATV, I find myself wondering…why is this any better than a wheelbarrow? Seems like a decent wheelbarrow would hold a lot more and dump just as easily.

    Second question: how the heck does this dumping mechanism work?


  3. Matthew Gerber says:

    Looks to be the same unit Rubbermaid has been selling for some years, with the handle upgraded with the trailer hitch gimmick.

    The dump works by pulling on the mechanism handle below the front of the tub, which releases the rails bolted to the tub from the chassis. Then the wheels move together to allow the tub to dump back without having to lift way up in the air. The back of the tub can hit the ground. It can be awkward sometimes, and can flip over if you are not careful.

  4. Adam says:

    I’ve worked with the one in the picture and can say good things about it. Handling on rough terrain and ease of use for older folks are both better than a wheelbarrow, not that it could replace it. The flat bed we use to haul buckets of water/trees. It is plastic but performs above average and real light. The dumping mechanism works easy even with a big load(dirt).

    Not that I’d ever mix concrete in it but I haven’t used it enough to have complaints.

    For what its worth.

  5. fred says:

    Interesting Post.

    Maybe a good Christmas present for my wife – who I have yet to fully disabuse of the idea of using one of our cement buggies and/or skid-steer in the garden.

  6. Rich says:

    I’ve worked with the rubbermaid version. Buy from costco so you can return it, because the welds on the steering arms tend to fail after heavy use.

    For the people questioning its use, I’d rather haul 600 pounds in the wagon than in the wheelbarrow. I use it for moving gravel around for building a retaining wall. It also seems to have more a bit more volume than a contractor’s size wheelbarrow.

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