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We’ve posted about drywall combo tools before, but Marshalltown has made something a little different with this multi-tool — it’s a combination panel lifter, non-clogging rasp, and bottle opener.  Why a bottle opener?  According to Marshalltown, it comes in handy when beer-thirty rolls around.

This light and compact tool fits in your pocket, so it’s ready when you need it.  Whether you’re lifting sheets of drywall into place before fastening them to the wall, smoothing rough-cut edges, or opening a beer at the end of the shift, this tool’s got you covered.

Street pricing is about $8 to $10.

Drywall Combo Tool [Marshalltown]
Street Pricing
[Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to An Odd Combination Of Tools For Drywall

  1. russ says:

    Let’s see… the paint can openers have a bottle opener, now the drywall tools, and I know I have seen others. Ever wonder why your contractor doesn’t get the job finished right?

    Neat looking tool though.

  2. ShopMonger says:

    How crooked does the drywall come out after using the bottle opener more than the rasp?

  3. David Bryan says:

    I haven’t put my hands on one of these yet, but it seems a lot more practical than that Husky drywall combination tool, which I think is just too much, too big, and too heavy. And if you put a bottle opener on anything you get my attention. You’ve got to do something about that drywall dust.

  4. Old Coot says:

    The drywall guys I know buy their beer in 55 gallon drums; don’t need no sissy openers, just some tubing. And that, by the way, explains the way they trash everything within a fifty foot radius of where they work. Mud on the floor, more on the doors & windows, fair amount on pavement, even some on the roof once in a while. And don’t get me started on how far they can fling handfuls of drywall screws.

  5. Jim K. says:

    Just remember “Friends don’t let friends drywall drunk”.

  6. ShopMonger says:

    So now all they need to do is to install a “Cap” like aplstic lid of a tuppaware container for the beer bottle and can, and the dust will be a think fo the past.

    You through your beer in the tool belt and on top is the Drywall tool…….

    Perfect match

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