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This great how-to video up in Skil’s “Vid Zone” covers the basics of refinishing hardwood floors.  It shows you what to look for and how to take care of nail heads, worn areas, holes in the floor, and other problems you’ll run into when tackling this type of project.

The video mostly pertains to preexisting hardwood floors that aren’t too bad off and just need a bit of TLC.  If you’ve got a badly warped floor or you’re starting one from scratch, those are different projects entirely, and they’ll want a lot more planning than you’ll see in this video.

But if your to-do list includes “Take care of that worn-out finish,” this’ll provide a nice starting point.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors [Skil]


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  1. Brooks says:

    Cool site! I refinish hardwood floors myself.
    No greater satisfaction then turning an old worn out floor into something your customers oh and ah over. 🙂

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