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Duo-Fast announced its new DF350S framing nailer last week.  Its 20-degree-angled magazine rail holds two strips — which means you can fire off sixty 3-1/2″ nails without reloading.

The system takes advantage of the paper-tape collated nails — they don’t leave little bits of plastic wreckage everywhere and are less likely to jam the gun. The rig weighs in at 8 lbs. and features a hook for hanging it on your belt or a rafter.

Duo-Fast says the price point will be around $300, about average for this caliber of rig — not something the weekend warrior will pick up on a whim, but serious gear for when there’s serious work to be done.  All in all, we like the direction these pneumatic nailers are headed: less mess, more rounds, and less misfires.

DF350S Framing Nailer [Duo-Fast]


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