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Marshalltown’s innovative trowels make bricklaying easier, thanks to their DURAdjust ergonomic handles — a dial changes the diameter of the handle to fit the user’s hand, and a soft rubber coating adds to the comfort.  Less hand fatigue means you, or your employees, can work longer and get more done.

Right now, only their trowels sport the DURAdjust handle, so non-masons are out of luck — but if Marshalltown decides to add this feature to other tools, they should have a home run.  One concern:  Will the mechanism get clogged with mortar, and what happens after repeated cleanings?

Street pricing starts at $28 and goes up based on the tool size.

DURAdjust Trowel [Marshalltown]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


7 Responses to DURAdjust Ergonomic Handles

  1. David P. says:

    What happens when you use the butt to true up a course of block? Bam bam bam, crunch.

  2. Gary says:

    Interesting idea, but I kinda agree with David P. Even if there is an acme threaded center inside the handle, the threads would get damaged over time if you use the butt at all. I do like the idea, just wonder how robust it would be over time.

  3. windycity says:

    Link for the “Road Dog” comment above…


  4. windycity says:

    Oops wrong post

  5. Bill M says:

    Jouneyman Mason, They will sell to Apprentices ,But any Old Mason will tell you the butt end will never hold up,esspecialy on concrete block. But if a ”guy” needs one of these.the trowel will last longer in the trade than he does!

  6. Bill M says:

    Buyer will also need to buy a bucket of head joints ,and a block stretcher usually keep in the basement of a slab foundation?

  7. Stu mac says:

    Bricklayer (uk) 32 years. Man up and get a wooden handle. Leather wound if you like to feel the real deal. I mean come on.who’s gonna far for this gimmick. Marshall town improve your steel not your handles.

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