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Where I grew up, people who didn’t carry knives weren’t real people; that’s just the way it is in some parts of the South.  So I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear country-music singers Brooks and Dunn talking about knives -– but I was.  I’m also totally jealous that Case helped them make their own knives at their factory in Connecticut.

Check out the “Case for America” video for the rundown on how Ronnie and Kix made their own blades — you’ll also learn how Case is trying to hold on to the small-town, down-home American flavor that seems to be vanishing from the heartland.

The warm, fuzzy video basically reminds us that Case knives have been made in the US for the last 120 years and will continue to be made here in the future.  I wouldn’t normally be into that sort of thing, but they got good southern boys talking about knives, and that gets me where I live.

Case For America With Brooks And Dunn [W.R. Case]


6 Responses to Brooks And Dunn Make Their Own Knives

  1. Shawn says:

    An ironic post considering the Freight-Harbor-Love I see amongst most readers….

  2. kif says:

    Good point Shawn, but there are small towns in China too! I don’t get choked up over ads no matter how much flag and apple pie come with them. And, if you think that Case wouldn’t consider buying foreign steel or other components, if not outright move production offshore – you are naive. No corporation carries such a covenant.

    And, I really get sick of the “small town values” B.S. Like they have a patent on hard work and values. As if those lazy ass Pittsburgh steelworkers, Detroit Autoworkers, Jersey longshoremen should all take note and clean up their acts. As far as I can tell, you can sweat, vote, worship, and pay taxes just as earnestly in Chicago as Mayberry.

    One thing about small towns, though, there always seems to be that greedy sheriff workin’ that speedtrap. That’s mighty neighborly and Christian to boot.

  3. argosytech says:

    Alrighty then, Hope this doesn’t double post, it appears my last attempt just vanished… I find it ironic, that “good southern boys” are having their knives made in CT. Not that I care, a quality tool is a quality tool! Just found some irony in it.

    I actually quit carrying a knife when I was in the Army, in favor of a Leatherman tool. Also an American made product. Made in the small town of Portland, Oregon!

    Oh yeah, kif, glad you pointed out that the entire blue collar American work force are lazy pieces of crap and that small towns hold the exclusive rights to law enforcement corruption… what was the word you used… oh… naive… yeah, that was it!

  4. kif says:

    Geez, argosystech, your response to my post has me scratching my head. I don’t know if you’re misrepresenting what I said or you one upped me on sarcasm. As far as the last part – I’ve been driving and living in enough places to know the speed trap game. Naive? No. I wasn’t addressing “law enforcement corruption” as a whole.

    Anyway, how does this post stack up against this one? http://toolmonger.com/2008/05/01/cheap-ass-tools-winchester-pocket-knives/#comments

  5. argosytech says:

    ‘Twas more sarcasm than not! As they are to you, stereotypes are irritating. They are represented in both articles and yet again in our responses. Human nature, I reckon. To classify stuff.
    Some corporations do demonstrate a commitment to their local populace, how long that lasts tends to be directly tied to profitability.
    Zippo, Case’s parent company has demonstrated strong American ties and Bradford PA isn’t really all that small of a town. I realize that we are in the midst of a booming Global economy, but I think Local, or at least national branding provides a level of comfort for the population… dunno
    No harm, no foul, I reckon, y’all

  6. Lester Hinson says:

    Brooks and Dunn are from the south? I always assumed they were from San Francisco. They do have good taste in knives, though.

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