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This is what happens when reader Kdp_hou spends a weekend tearing the face off a garage and putting a new one back on. It was a teardown-to-the-stud restoration with a little structural work thrown in for good measure — after the jump, Kdp gives us the after-action report on his build.

I spent Saturday afternoon making repairs, reframing the doorway and putting up the Tyvek vapor barrier (not shown). I finished the job Sunday.

Since this is pattern #105, you can work your way up or down (some sidings require you to work from the bottom up and drive a course of nails through the piece you’re working on as well as the one below it.)

To keep things even and looking nice, I started with the course above the door, then worked down the sides, then up to the top. I wish I had taken a pic before the trim went on. Oh well, the trim came next. The ledge above the door is gone and the trim piece there now was cut on a 10º angle so it would shed water. It’s properly caulked, though I doubt that means much.

The top of the trim piece further left is cut on the 10º angle as well. The galvanized casing nails are set and protected with caulk.

In the right hands, a project like this can turn a crappy looking facade into a head-turner.  We’re pretty sure once Kdp gets some paint on this thing the house will look better than most in the neighborhood.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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