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For some reason when I think of tactical knives the image of Chet from Weird Science always pops into my head and ruins any interest. That’s not to say tactical knives are bad, but some of them can get pretty out there in design.  The Ferret from Tops Knives, however, didn’t give me that impression — perhaps because it looks like it might be handy in everyday life.

Made from RC-58 carbon steel, the blade measures just 1-7/8″ long, and the knife’s overall length is just under five inches.  Tops makes the handle from Black Linen Micarta, which should give it super survivability in almost any setting, and the Kydex sheath snaps to your belt loop to hang the knife inverted when at rest.

They offer a few options, like serrated edges and camo blade patterns.  But be warned:  They kick the initial $70 price up to as much as $120 for the same basic blade.

Ferret [Tops Knives]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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