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Over the last two years we’ve noticed that the PS20 — or GSR 10.8V, as it’s known across the pond — doesn’t have much problem moving off the shelf.  However, a quick check of the Axminster site will put you face to face with the GSR 10.8V/free watch combo.

The combo really isn’t a money-saver either — the 90-pound asking price converts to about $160 give or take over here, so this watch throw-in must be for the screw-driving/clock-hawking crowd.  We’re guessing retailers want to clear room for next year’s models, and they’re trying to pick combos they think they can move one another with.

It must come from the chewing gum/baseball card mentality — but who shops for wristwatches and drivers at the same time?  It does strike us as funny, though.

Bosch GSR 10.8V Li-Ion Cordless Screwdriver [Axminster]


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