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Pruning the extra growth that’s happened this season can be done any number of uber expensive ways or the old school way dad did it – with a bow saw and hand trimmer. Ace has a deal on a two piece saw set for ten bucks that will get you going and not hurt the football-munchies budget.

The 21” Bow saw will get the big limbs cut down to size and the small folding saw is designed for just about everything else. Sure an old fashioned bow saw is not a chainsaw or something super sexy but it also costs less than most other trimming options so the cheapskate in us wins out here.

Both will make short work of tree and hedge trimming just be aware of how the larger branches are going to fall. Crashing down on your head is not a good place for that limb that’s been hanging over your car for the last month or two.

Ace Hand & Bow Saw Set [Ace Hardware]


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