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Industrial Pipe and Steel is selling this 4″ X/Y slide vise for $19.  You can get a similar vise from Enco for $19.85, and they often run free shipping deals, so their price might be lower after you factor that in.

Each vise features slides that allow you to precisely position the vise in the X and Y axis, and their jaws open 4″.  They may not turn your drill press into a milling machine, but they work wonderfully for coordinate drilling of holes.

4″ X/Y Slide Vise [Industrial Pipe and Steel]
4″ X/Y Slide Vise


One Response to Dealmonger: 4″ X/Y Slide Vise $19

  1. shay raz says:

    i m interesting in these kinde of XY device for home use of DIY things
    do u have a bigger then 4″ device?
    i m from israel how much mony do i have to pay for shipping?

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