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If you really need to know the pitch of a screw or bolt, a screw pitch gauge is probably the quickest and most accurate way to check.  There’s no trying to thread into hole after hole in a plate — you just find the leaf with the teeth that match the screw threads, and read the marked pitch.

The Starrett 6 screw pitch gauge covers most common pitches you’ll run into.  The substantial steel case houses thirty leaves with American National 60° threads ranging from 4 to 42 threads per inch.  Starrett designed the narrow leaves to also fit internal threads, and a locking device at both ends of the gauge secures the leaves while in use.

Expect to pay about $30 for the Starrett 6 screw pitch gauge.

Screw Pitch Gauge [Starrett]
Street Pricing
[Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to Screw Pitch Gauge

  1. Loralei Tovillo says:

    I’d like to enquire Screw Pitch gauge for our internal use only. Please see below details:

    Desc: Screw Thread Pitch Gauge
    Qty: 1 set only (Combined metric and inches)
    Usage: for diameter 1.00mm up to 10.00 mm & inches equivalent
    Note: Must be suitable for both Machine Screws and Tapping Screw

    Thanks and looking forward to receive your proposal.


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