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If you’re installing 8-1/4″ horizontal lap siding, take a look at PacTool’s new PacStrips, designed to make installation faster and easier.  PacTool claims you can shave 25% off your installation time while maintaining the factory-set reveals.  As a bonus, PacStrips allow trapped water to drain behind the siding, increasing its life.

You start by establishing your level line and finding your studs.  Then you use the peep hole to line up the PacStrips with the level line. Staple the strips to the studs, and snap together as many new strips as you need for height.  When you’re installing the siding, you push it up to the built-in cogs and nail it through the PacStrip to the studs to get a 1-1/4″ consistent overlap.

Pricing isn’t available on PacTool’s website, but they claim PacStrips for 8-1/4″ siding are currently available.  You’ll have to contact them directly for more information.

PacStrip [PacTool]
PacStrip Video [PacTool]


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