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Yes, the Sand Devil is yet another sanding block, but instead of a proprietary pad it works with a standard 3″ x 21″ aluminum oxide sanding belt that reportedly lasts up to 20x longer than regular sandpaper.  Plus, when you’ve worn one side of the belt you can rotate it to get fresh abrasive.

Made from injection-molded thermoplastic, the Sand Devil works on both flat and curved surfaces. Its special shape also lets you sand V-grooves, bevels, 1/4″ rounds, and 1/2″ rounds.  To load a new belt, lift the lever to compress the Sand Devil, remove the old belt, slip a new belt over the Sand Devil, and push the lever down to tension the belt.

Street pricing on the Sand Devil runs anywhere from $18 to $24 with a general-purpose #80 cloth-backed sanding belt included — but if you had the motivation, you could probably build something quite similar from a scrap wood block.

Sand Devil [Corporate Site]
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  1. Kurt says:

    I have three of these, loaded with different grits (marked with a Sharpie on the side to indicate which). They work well. Changing the belt is quick, and the tension lever works very well. Very handy for quick tasks that are too small to justify a power tool. I got mine from Woodcraft, and also picked up a neat sandpaper tray at the same time that visitors to my shop think is pretty neat.

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