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Reader beano-t decided his porch needed a bit of dressing up this weekend, and with fall’s cooler weather at his back he crafted these additions to the columns.  We aren’t sure if he plans to finish them to match the beams themselves or if he’s going for the natural look, but either way these look great.

This type of small finish-out work can make the difference between an OK place to live and a really nice pad.  And though the transition might take a few weekends, most of the time it’s worth the effort.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Flickr Pool: Column Additions

  1. Patrick says:

    Good little workin’ Christmas gift when visiting the folks this winter…too bad I’d work in the cold.

  2. Michael W. says:

    Nice way to dress up existing columns without going over board, but…

    Better seal that end grain real good. There’s more than one a reason (looks) we trim carpenters miter corners.

    Actually it’s not a bad idea to primer and paint the wood first also so that you don’t have bare wood touching the concrete. moisture will migrate into the wood from the concrete causing rot. A step further would be to smear silicone caulk along the bottom edge of wood also.

    The bottoms of porch columns take the most abuse because of water splashing against them all the time. Extra care needs to be taken to protect them from that abuse.

  3. paganwonder says:

    Nice job of dressing up the Ol’ Teepee. Patrick- pre-finish the parts where it is warm after you have cut them to fit, touch-up could be done next spring.

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