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Otto Frei is offering a great deal on the Foredom SR-2230 at $190.  This kit’s flexible shaft grinders allow greater control than a Dremel type motor tool when using small burrs, bits, buffs, and wheels — it’s also faster, more powerful, and generally of better build quality.  The SR motor is reversible as well, which is nice for certain finishing operations.  The kit comes with a handpiece, speed control, motor, and a selection of bits.

Foredom SR-2230 Kit [Otto Frei]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Foredom SR-2230 Flexshaft Kit $190

  1. hjablomy says:

    I have one of these…they are a great tool, especially if you get the hang of controlling it with your foot. We used these working on ski boots with carbide burrs, and they have plenty of grunt to push some plastic out of the way. Lots of fun for sculpture.

  2. tj walker says:

    It looks like you can offer this great price because you are ot offering the better #30 or 44T hand piece…..(?)

  3. Anderson João de souza Morais says:

    Como faço pra adquirir e se e esse valor em reais?

  4. vaibhav pawaskar says:

    Do you deliver your products in india

  5. vaibhav pawaskar says:

    How can I order from india

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