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About two years ago we talked about Husky’s portable AC/DC power system. We’ve aired up a ball or bicycle tire with it here and there, but it largely remained stowed — that is, until earlier this week when we found out firsthand that this little jumper set will save our crappy-truck-driving rear.

A recent trip in our less-than-reliable vehicle just happened to take us right through the middle of nowhere, the perfect place for our truck battery to give out.  We dug around in the back to discover that at some point in the past we’d tossed in the Husky jumper pack.  After muttering about how we hoped it had a charge, we hooked it up and — to our great relief — it cranked the truck right up.

We had to jump it with the pack another two times before we could limp it to the nearest auto parts store, but the little Husky got us there.  We always say, “When you need it, you really need it,” and we can honestly say this tool made the difference between a good story and a bad day.

If you have the means and an unreliable vehicle, pick one up and throw it in the back.  It’ll be worth your time someday.

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7 Responses to Husky Jumper Pack Saves The Day

  1. '55PK-UP-MAN says:

    I bought one of these shortly after y’all posted the nice article about it. There has not been a month that I have not used it at least twice helping people out.

    A few weeks back I had the occasion to find a dead battery in a 1250 watt light trailer (highway dept. type). I needed to get the engine running to lower the mast to move it to another location. I really did not want to have to hand-crank it down. This little jewel did the trick and saved me.

    I keep one in each of my vehicles, just in case my tail or someone else’s needs a little help.

  2. Michael W. says:

    They are great. My in-laws got us one several years ago and other than a broken piece of plastic on one of the latches, it’s done fine. They hold a charge for a really long time (I only remember to charge it about twice a year).

    I used to keep mine in my ’65 Dodge M37 “just in case”, before I installed a new generator. I used to have to use it about 5 times a week. Now it usually only comes out when I need to give our neighbors a jump start.

  3. roger rainey says:

    If you had to keep jumping it, it wasn’t your battery and getting to an auto parts store wouldn’t help unless you were planning to buy a new alternator and install it.

  4. Deeps says:

    Hey I just got turned on to the idea of carrying one of these around in my car. I carry a good set of tools in the trunk with which I could probably drop a transmission from a junkyard if I had to in a pinch. However no amount of tools will help me if I have a dead battery and there’s no one around for a jump or a flat and need to get some air into a tire post slime. This Husky compressor/jump starter appears not to be sold anymore but I love the feature set you’ve described. Is there another comparable unit anyone can recommend?

  5. Toolaremia says:

    roger rainey: “If you had to keep jumping it, it wasn’t your battery”

    Huh? That is exactly what happens when the battery goes bad. If the alternator went bad, they wouldn’t have been able to keep it running with the dead battery.

    Disconnect your alternator (to simulate a bad one) and run your battery down. Then jump it and see if it will keep running. Sorry, but no.

  6. cuauhtemoc says:

    necesito saver como cargar mi Husky Jumper gracias no se si cargarlo encendido o apagado gracias todos …

  7. Julio says:

    I own a Husky Powerpack 300 and I guess they don’t make it anymore but I need to buy the power connector to it and I can’t seem to even find this unit anymore. Any ideas?

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