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Chuck this tool in a demolition hammer and tenderize your steak in no time flat.  OK, so Milwaukee’s bushing tool is actually meant to prepare concrete for resurfacing — chipping up the old surface allows the new concrete to bond better.

Milwaukee designed this particular tool with a shank to fit their SDS-MAX demolition hammer, but they also sell bushing tools for their other demolition hammers.  The face of the bushing tool measures 1-1/2″ square and the tool itself is 12-1/2″ long.  They forge the tool from high-grade steel and heat-treat the teeth to increase hardness.

This attachment will run you $40 to $50, but after you wear it out you can save some dough by just replacing the head and re-using the shank.

Bushing Tool [Milwaukee]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Meat Tenderizer For Your Demolition Hammer?

  1. Asbestos says:

    We used these things all the time in construction, as a fast way to grind down concrete. if you’ve got some extra concrete where it shouldn’t be, this is the way to go. It’s faster and much less dusty then grinding.

  2. Captain Fairly-Obvious says:

    Not only that, but it’ll dig right through the weakest stuff, slowing down at the solidest stuff, unlike a grinder, where you’re slicing into it instead of smashing-off the junk.

    If you’re concerned with the bond of the new concrete, though, here’s some things I’ve learned:

    1. get the dust & rubble off. Notice that on good cement it says use “abrasive blasting” to clean & prep? if you want structural bond, do it. if you don’t mind structural failure, that’s your choice.

    2. either use a concrete-vibrator, or some equivalent action to work that concrete/mortar to chemically-bond it right into the surface. Merely slathering it on isn’t solid. ( huge difference with mortar: work it until you get chemical stiction, and it’ll stay there as it sets. Don’t, and it’ll separate either while it sets, or at the slightest shifting of the work )

    3. glue-concrete. “Sika-top”‘s one, and it’s wonderful for sticking to stuff, but the “bull-dog made out of tar” has got to be epoxy-cement. $250/unit, but damn, does that stuff STICK to everything. ( say goodbye to your clothes ).

    Funny, I seem to remember my arms hurting, when remembering that smasher-head…


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