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When you’re in school there is absolutely nothing cool about a school bus. Afterwards, however, you can find a feeling of utter contentment in seeing them ragged on, beaten down, or, as in this case, drafted into the school bus racing league.

Who wins isn’t the point here.  Just try and demolish as much and as many as you can — because, let’s be honest, no one wants to take these things home.  Just remember, kids, only you can destroy school buses.

School Bus Racing [YouTube]


7 Responses to It’s Just Cool: School Bus Racing

  1. joejoejoe says:

    School buses aren’t meant for this kind of use, they have all kinds of problems with a high center of gravity and crush problems in accidents. There was a death here in a local charity school bus race and it ended school bus racing here locally.

  2. davis says:

    Yes what joe joe says is true but what he failed to add was that the race was by sheriffs from different counties and the person killed was the sheriff of Lake county Fl.

  3. Tony Clifton says:

    Real men race school buses in figure 8’s: http://tinyurl.com/3peh5p

  4. Vince Bloom says:

    At the Washington County, PA fair they have a school bus demolition derby. Not racing around a track, just smashing into each other. They take an amazing amount of abuse and keep running.

  5. Jim K. says:

    What amazes me is just how strongly these buses ran. At the science center where I work it seems like we get a call at least once a week that one of the groups coming up are having problems because their bus broke down.

  6. bkittysd says:

    Heard story by demo derby guy, they once had school bus drivers race them. Couldn’t get enough action out of them as their training not to crash them was too engrained.

    I can see that. I’m a school bus driver.

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