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Toolmongers living in cities that shut down for a few inches of snow needn’t read further.  The rest of us in the snow belt know that packing an emergency shovel in your vehicle during the winter is being prepared for the worst.  Even if you don’t have much space to store a full-sized shovel, you might have room for a shovel like the Penguin collapsible emergency snow shovel.

An aluminum alloy telescoping handle allows the shovel to extend to 39″ long and collapse to a compact 17-1/2″.  To handle that deceptively heavy snow, a central rib reinforces the 8-1/2″ wide by 12″ long poly blade.  You’ll pay anywhere between $12 and $24 for the Penguin collapsible snow shovel.

Collapsible Snow Shovel (PDF) [Ames True Temper]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Collapsible Emergency Show Shovel

  1. ShopMonger says:

    Yeah this would be great for emergency, along with a warm blanket…… teh season is a cummin

  2. Aaron says:

    My Simple Emergency Kit: Shovel, warm blanket (space blanket too), candles, matches, flashlight (new batteries), energy bars, duct tape.

    Anything else?

    Always either wear or have them in the car, warm boots!

  3. BigEdJr says:

    Man… I am so glad I moved from central PA to Phoenix. I am originally from Los Angeles and moved to PA for work. I’m sorry, there may be some people that love it, good for them. But we do not miss it at all. I’ll take 110+ in the summer any day over the low teens or colder….

    No more snow shovels. No more snow tires. No more frozen ground that’s too hard for everything….

    Any way, I’m happy now!

  4. kif says:

    This could be useful for getting unstuck from fresh snow. However, if you need to contend with being plowed-in on the street, or any other situation where you’re really dealing with snow compacted into hard ice, this shovel would be nearly useless. Have a small steel shovel, a camp axe, and some eye protection if this is your situation.

  5. Stu says:

    As “kif” said, often you need to deal with ice or very hard packed snow. This means steel blades.
    There are many places selling army surplus “folding entrenching tools” for $10 to $20. Some have a pick in addition to the steel spade.

    For obsessive detail on authentic US Army issue check out:

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