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They say it’s important to know your limitations.  Here’s one of mine:  When I’m vacuuming and I come to an area that’s unreachable without me bending over, that area isn’t going to get vacuumed. The Pivot floor vac from Black and Decker is aimed at uber-lazy folks like myself.

This 18V cordless vacuum pivots in the middle, so you can get under furniture and other places where stooping is normally required.  The Pivot doesn’t look like it would last very long on hardcore shop duty, but unfortunately that isn’t the only place I have to clean.

Street pricing is around $100, which might be a bargain if you’re crazy about cleaning under the bed.  However, we consider anything under furniture as the badlands where no one dares travel.

Pivot Vac [Black and Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


One Response to Black And Decker’s Pivot

  1. ShopMonger says:

    My mother has one of these and she loves it………..

    Great for quick small clean up and since she uses it every day she never ahs to get out the bug boy any more

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