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Bosch has announced a new entry in its corded power tool lineup: the RS35 reciprocating saw.  With this one they’re shooting for pros and contractors who need big, bruising power to tear into demo work all day. The saw sports a 15A motor and adjustable orbital action — a good start for guys who need a lot of grunt in a saw.

The RS35 also boasts Bosch’s “Constant Response” circuitry, which boils down to consistent speed under load.  This allows the user to blow through tough materials without the normal bog that would happen in a normal saw –- in theory, anyway. For good measure, Bosch threw in variable speed control and a quick-lock blade chuck for fast switch-out.

There’s no official word on pricing, but judging from the features we guess it’ll wind up retailing in the $180 neighborhood.  We’ll drop updates as they occur.

RS35 Recip [Bosch]


One Response to Preview: Bosch RS35 Recip

  1. fred says:

    Looks like everyone tries to compete or one-up the other. We have over 30 recip saws. One past batch we bought were 13 amp Milwaukee 6523-21’s. Its “gimmick” was a rotating handle and it like the Bosch had orbital cutting. I heard no complaints from the crews – but no high praise either. Then I had a few guys say that they saw a Makita tool that they liked on a jobsite – so we bought a few JR307CT’s. I heard a complaint that they were heavy but that they vibrated less. In fact the weighed a few ounces less than the 13 amp Milwaukee’s (go figure). Our recent 2 saws were Milwaukee 6538-21’s – which sport a 15 amp motor with feedback-speed control (i guess similar to the Bosch) – but I don’t think they have an orbital blade action. I’ve heard no comment about them either way. So, if I have to pickup a few more – I’d do so based on price and ease of service – which for me would have me leaning toward Milwaukee.

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