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For those of you who might not be able to read it, the plaque on the front of this chest says “Black & Decker” — yeah, we’re as stunned as you are.  Reader txinkman wonders what it’s for, and we have to wonder with him.  This solid oak box is certainly a far cry from the blow-molded plastic cases that are packaged with tools today.

We have a sneaking suspicion that someone just put the plaque on there to mess with people or to show off a particular tool they were proud of, but we could be wrong.  Does anyone know if this is just a clever individual pulling our leg, or if it’s legit?  To go a bit further, if it’s legit, what tool did it come packaged with?  Let us know in comments.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


6 Responses to Flickr Pool: Black And Decker Box

  1. BobH says:

    Thats the box a B&D valve seat grinding outfit came in. I’ve got one just like it.

  2. DocN says:

    Ditto BobH. I have a Van Dorn valve seat grinding set in a nearly identical box. No plaque on the box, though, and mine’s considerably more beat up.

    Van Dorn was a division of, or owned by, Black and Decker.


  3. txinkman says:

    I knew that Toolmonger was the right place to find out about this box. Any possibility of some pictures of your boxes and their contents? And do you guys have any idea about how old your sets are?

  4. DocN says:

    Sure thing. Pix here:
    There’s seven images, box1.jpg through box7.jpg

    My set’s incomplete and the box is in bad shape. Hey, if you want to do some mods and restoration, I’ll swap ya. 🙂

    Anyway, the ribbed doodad in #4 screws to the tapered grinding stones seen in #6. You then put the guide rods from #5 into the valve guide in the cylinder head, and spin the stone and ribbed bit using the motor. The two red bits seen inside in #2 and on the top in #7, are the dresser. They bolt together and using a diamond bit, let you dress the stones down to the correct angle.

    I got this set along with a Van Dorn No.6 “Universal Valve and Tool Grinder”, shown here partly refurbished:

    I have a 1941 Van Dorn catalog that doesn’t list the No.6 grinder, and a 1951 catalog that does, but doesn’t say anything like “New!” or “Latest model!”, etc. So I’m guessing the machine dates to roughly 1945 to 1948 or so, give or take a year.

    The seat grinder was sold separately: both catalogs show essentially the same kit and wooden box, but the 1941 catalog shows the two round “pinch” pulls, while the 1951 catalog shows the drawers with small, rectangular drawer pulls. Neither shows the box with the lid closed, so I can’t tell if there’s any difference in the nameplate.

    (I was mistaken on mine- it has a “Van Dorn” nametag the same size and placement as yours. I’d had the box sitting facing the wall so long, I’d forgotten. 🙂

    Oh, and just for the sake of the argument, here’s a closeup of the ID plate of the No.6 Grinder:

    Note at the very bottom, where it says Van Dorn is a division of the Black & Decker Company. If you can find out just when Van Dorn stopped being VD and everything started having the B&D name, you’d have a better idea of the age of the box. Although, as i said, my ’51 catalog shows different drawer pulls, and it’s still in a Van Dorn catalog…

    Feel free to drop me an E-mail if you have any other questions, or need more pix. (These are reduced for upload, I have the hi-rez originals too.) And let me know if you learn anything more on the history.


  5. txinkman says:

    Wow Doc, more than I could have posssibly wished for. Really great pics!! And you have a very impressive web site. Thanks, I’ll contact you soon.

  6. Rebecca Lopez says:

    I have a Black & Decker Valve Seat Grinder in the original wooden box.All the pieces are there and then some. Im just not sure what year it is.

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