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Ever wonder what would happen if you decided to use your household vacuum like a snow blower?  Wonder no longer!  Actually, it worked a great deal better than we thought it would.

Sure, you run a risk of electrocution, and there’s the slight chance your vac won’t ever be the same again, but if you can get that sidewalk clear, who cares?  Seriously, who says you can’t use your regular Hoover like a wet/dry vac?

Did we mention not to do this?  Don’t do this — we’re pretty sure copious amounts of Anheuser-Busch were involved here.

Vacuum Cleaner Used As A Snowblower! [YouTube]


3 Responses to Doh! A New Kind Of Wet/Dry Vac

  1. Adam R says:

    I tried this earlier this yearwhen we got 22″ in March. The snow was too wet and heavy to move much.

  2. Adam R says:

    The difference was I used a shop vac.

  3. Jay A says:

    Doesn’t look like it’s that effective at moving large amounts of snow but it will definately do the job of convincing your neighbors your crazy.

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