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If the regular Fubar is the schoolyard bully, the new Fire/Rescue Stanley Fubar is the guy who beats him up and steals his lunch money — it’s a bruiser, beefier and pumped up in almost every area.  First responders (police/fire/EMT’s) designed this new member of the Fubar fold for forcible entry, vehicle extrication, and extreme demolition.

The new Fubar incorporates 8 tools in 1, for prying, splitting, board-bending, and striking jobs.  Among some of its highlights, it features a demolition head, gas shut-off tool, and a hydrant wrench.

Just as before, Stanley makes the Fubar from a single forged-steel bar, but this time around they made the grips much fatter to fit in a fireman’s gloved hand, and they’ve added carabiner holes for easy attachment of a shoulder strap.

It looks like a great addition to the Stanley lineup, but don’t expect to find one at the local big box or hardware store — this gear is purpose-designed for the rescue community.  But we’re guessing if you have around $120 and access to a Galls catalog you might be able to score one when they finally do become available.

55-122 – Fubar Forcible Entry Tool – 30″ [Stanley]


5 Responses to Preview: Stanley’s Fire/Rescue Fubar

  1. FredB says:

    I want one. I don’t care. I want one.

  2. jimmy says:

    nice idea…but i’ll stick with my haligan and flat head axe.

  3. Coronado says:

    $71.91 at Amazon.com. Looks like it would be a great addition to the wrecking and pry bars collection.


  4. Joebob says:

    I am with FredB- don’t need one, but I sure as heck want one!

  5. Adam_ says:

    I’d imagine it’s also useful for ‘Adjusting Attitudes’! 😉

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