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Free-handing a straight cut with a reciprocating saw isn’t the easiest task, but why freehand when you can attach the Mighty-Miter from Seatek?  Make right-angle miters in tubing, wood or plastic molding, angle iron, EMT, allthread, or just about any material your reciprocating saw can cut, as long as it’s between 3/16″ and 2″.

The upper clamping bar holds the material against the lower vee jaw of the Mighty-Miter.  To clamp small diameter rods Seatec chamfers the clamping bar.  They also groove a portion of the bar to keep round material from slipping.  Once the material is secured by tightening the thumb screw, you make the cut by swinging the clamp upward, and the blade cuts straight through the material.

If you buy the proper model, the Mighty-Miter replaces your standard shoe with no modifications to the saw.  If you want to use the saw for other purposes you can remove the Mighty-Miter and replace the original shoe.

Seatek sells the Mighty-Miter for Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Bosch saws.  It’s going to set you back about $110 to $120.

Mighty-Miter [Seatek]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


3 Responses to Perfectly Square Cuts With A Reciprocating Saw

  1. fred says:

    Sawzalls are not the tool of choice for neat cuts on tubing or pipe. They are the go-to tool for demolition and deconstruction – where accurate 90 degree cutting is less of an issue. We use lots of Milwaukee Sawzalls and even a few Makita branded ones – but will not likely buy one of these gadgets from Seatek (who make great tools to deal with Greefield and flexible conduit).
    In the field – we’ll stick to pipe and tubing (internal and external) cutters (Ridgid and Reed Brands) and for SS Tubing – Imperial-Eastman cutters.
    In the shop we use a powered hack saw, a chop saw a big Marvel Band saw for really big pipe fabrication – along with the wheel cutters.

  2. Brice says:

    I use a recip saw all the time for everything from conduit to PVC to construction channel (unistrut). With a little practice, you can make square enough cuts without a jig. The problem with this tool is lack of capacity, 4″ PVC is a big part of my job.

  3. Jereme Green says:

    This ai a real mans tool I love the controll that it has as well as the way it cuts through objects really fast this is the number 1 saw zaw

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