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Sure, you can buy cheapo portable plastic sawhorses, but they’re no match for these knockdown plywood sawhorses from Burro Brand.  Made in the USA from 5/8″, 11-ply birch and poplar plywood, a pair of these KD sawhorses can hold up to 3,000 pounds.

When assembled, the sawhorses stand 28″ high and 32″ wide.  The four interlocking pieces that comprise the horses assemble quickly without tools.  When disassembled the sawhorses store flat, and you can carry ’em easily with the included carrying handle.

To assemble the sawhorses you just insert the bottom rail into the sides, pull the top of the sides inward, slip the top rail onto the sides, and push down on the top rail to lock the sawhorse together.  Just reverse the steps to disassemble it.

Burro sells their knockdown sawhorses as single units that run about $30 each, but you’ll probably want to buy a pair.

Knockdown Sawhorse [Burro Brand]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to On The Back Of A Burro

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Looks simple enough to make. 🙂

  2. bobk says:

    I know I’ve seen something either exactly like that or very similar in a woodworking magazine. Think it was Family Handyman.


  3. bobk says:

    Correction: Wood Magazine. Amazon dot com is selling the plans, but I know that these have been in both a regular issue of the magazine and at least one of the “specials” that they put out.



  4. Fluffy says:

    Another option here http://www.carpenters.org/carpentermag/ under “trade talk.”

  5. Fluffy says:

    oops… it’s the Oct/Dec 2006 issue

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