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If you do any kind of engraving on glass, metal, or ceramic you might want to head over to Sears and check out this Craftsman engraver set that’s currently selling for $25.  Armed with a carbide stylus, the engraving pen features a variable-speed throttle, perfect for security engraving or maybe even a spot of home dentistry.

Craftsman Engraver Set [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Craftsman Engraver Set $25

  1. Dano says:

    Could this also double as a tatoo device?

  2. fred says:

    Our old Dremel engraver looks much like the Sears unit.
    A new Dremel unit can be had at ToolBarn for under $16
    I’m sure you HF afficionados will say that you can get one for much less.


  3. DJMoore says:

    My favorite engraver is a rotary tool (such as a Dremel) with a #7134 5/64″ diamond point bit.

    I got it because I wanted to engrave some delicate equipment, such as my camera, and I was worried about the vibration from a standard tool. I figured that since it can engrave glass without shattering it, it wouldn’t hurt my camera either. It didn’t. The hard drives still work, too.

    However, I did almost carve completely through the plastic shell of my TV. I’ve since learned to use several short, light strokes to build up a line, rather than trying to “write” with it as I would a pen.

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