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Amazon is currently offering this twin-pack of Stanley folding sawhorses for $30 — which, using my amazing math skill, comes to $15 a horse!  Rated for a maximum load weight of 1,000lbs, the sawhorses feature two sawing grooves and a built-in ruler on top.  Rubber anti-slip feet on the bottom keep the unit stable.  They fold flat for easy transportation and storage.

Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Folding Sawhorses [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Stanley Sawhorse Twin-Pack $30

  1. Tim B. says:

    Good saw horses for keeping in the truck! Think I’ll be in for a pair… I’ve used my brother-in-law’s before. The only down-side which he found out first-hand… that material they’re made out of sure is easy to cut through! No slowing of the blade at all, even with a hand-saw. Very easy to turn into 1 + (2 * .5) sawhorses!

  2. Kyle says:

    Really nice sawhorses. I have 2 (paid more than $30)… nice thing is that they open with one hand…. nice when you are holding up something in one arm and need to slide a horse under the load

  3. akbar fazil says:

    I recommend paying a little more and get the ones that extend both up to 37″ and have arms the extend out extending your usable supported surface.

  4. Jim K. says:

    I have these and also like them a lot. Lighter than wood and seem to be holding up quite well. In retrospect though, I wish I’d ponied up the bit more cash and gotten the model that akbar mentions.

  5. akbar fazil says:

    Oh word of warning on the expandable ones. They say don’t ever sit on the extending arms and they mean it. My dad had to buy me a new set because of that 🙂

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