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You can try to chuck a #61 bit in a 1/2″ chuck, but it’s probably an exercise in futility — the chucks just aren’t designed to hold such small bits.  To make centering their (and other companies’) micro drill bits a lot easier, Gyros makes a mini drill bit adapter.  This adapter’s 1/8″ shank also allows you to chuck these micro bits in a rotary tool like a Dremel.

The adapter accepts bits from 0″ (#61) to .0390″ (#81).  Gyros precision-machines the shank and collet from a single stainless steel billet and dynamically balances the finished chuck to ensure that it spins true and vibration-free up to 35,000 RPM.

Made in the USA, the mini drill bit adapter will run you about $8.

Adapter Chuck [Gyros]
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3 Responses to Chuck Micro Drill Bits

  1. Dr. Ben Carper says:

    I am looking for a drill bit set from 61 – 80 in size. What do you have?

    respectfully yours,

    Dr. Ben Carper

  2. Ackes says:

    We carry a fantastic USA made #61-#80 Drill set… best you can buy… you can find it here at : http://bit.ly/4UDXBK
    or call us at 800-350-TOOL (8665)

  3. Bob says:

    Gyros carries #61-80 Drill sets and individual as well

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