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Here in the Toolmonger shop we have little patience for working bolts out, and if at first we don’t succeed we just pile on more grunt.  On occasion this leads to rounding off a few corners — you know, like all of them. This nine-piece extractor set from Garret Wade offers some help in that department.

The set grabs and digs into uber-mangled and rounded hex head fittings from 3/8” to 1″ to let you twist ’em right off, as if they were never victims of mechanic brutality.  Just find the right size 1/2” drive socket that’ll grip the head of the fastener, slip it on, and twist.  The socket seizes the head of the bolt and it comes free.

Not a bad set of problem solvers to have around the shop — if you do any mechanic work at all, you’ve already encountered an instance where these would bail you out or you will in the future.

Pricing starts at $80.

360-Degree Hex Extractor [Garrett Wade]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Beefy Bolt Extractors

  1. Kevin says:

    While these look nice, I can’t see that they’re any better quality or construction than the Craftsman bolt out sets they have at Sears for around half the price. I’ve used the Craftsman bolt outs and they work great 14pc set of a mix of common standard and metric sizes runs you around $49.99 retail.


  2. DISCO-STU says:

    I use a set called GRIP-TITE SOCKETS that really got me out of a pinch. I rounded my acorn lug nuts on my Lumina and these bad boys pulled it right out. I got mine off Amazon for a great price of like $40 for the 17 piece kit.

    Below is the link, but its now $68

  3. joe says:

    I have used the Irwin version of these a lot… I make a lot of mistakes. The irwin set is top notch:


  4. Ergoidman says:

    I restore junkers, so I use this kind of thing daily. My old set of Craftsman bolt extractors were the best I’ve ever used, but when I needed more sizes the new stuff I bought from Sears was junk. I suspect they make them in China now or something, but they’re absolutely useless. I returned the first set thinking it was a fluke, but the replacement set performed just as badly. After asking around, several people reccomended the Irwin-Hanson extractors. These things might be better than the original Craftsman set I treasure so much.

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