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Have you ever built a life-sized snowman that remained headless because you couldn’t figure out how to lift the head up onto the body?  With the PotLifter you can safely move those heavy and awkward objects — like boulders, tree root balls, pots, and even snowman heads — around the yard, up steps, and over most other terrain.

Made from high-strength polymers, the PotLifter allows you to safely lift up to 200 pounds with a friend.  Weighing only 1-1/2 pounds, it adjusts from 12″ to 30″ in diameter.  After the work (or play) is done, the PotLifter slips into a 14″ drawstring bag for storage.

To lift an object with the PotLifter, unclip one of the two buckles and wrap the two sides around the object, clip the buckle back together, and lift the handles.  Grabbing the handles causes the straps to “cinch” around the outside of the object.

The PotLifter will lighten your wallet by $20 to $30.

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