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As the quality of lumber drops, manufacturers respond by giving us tools to deal with these less-than-ideal timbers.  Stanley designed their 93-310 board bender to help you handle twisted construction materials — if you need to straighten deck boards or joists, this is your tool.

The 5/8″ high-carbon steel bar features a cushioned, vinyl-grip handle that lets you kneel with all your weight on the board bender to get those boards in line. This leaves your hands free to nail them in place.

You’ll drop about 40 to 50 bucks on the board bender.

Board Bender [Stanley]
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One Response to Hands-Free Board Bender

  1. fred says:

    Here’s what I said when commenting on the CEPCO Bowrench:

    We do many decks each year – sometimes working on 5 or 6 at one time. When we started years ago – we used pinch bars and/or wooden wedges to coax boards into place – or we tried to select only the best lumber. We still do the latter on high-end jobs – but not every customer wants to pay for the associated waste. We next moved to Stanley Board Benders (93-310) but found them cumbersome. Once we started using the CEPCO Bowrenches we never looked back. We are big fans of these – plus their accessories (BW-3 and BW-8 joist grippers plus BW-4 and BW-6 T&G cams. We also have a set of QJ1 flooring jacks – which work well but are a bit pricey. We also like Vaughan’s Bowjak (BJ-11) and Mayhew’s Tweaker Bar (41500) for some jobs.

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