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You need to replace a screw, but you just can’t tell whether it’s a 1/4″-28 or 1/4″-32.  It’s an odd size, and you’d like to be sure so you can call around first rather than running all over town.  Empire’s $14 screw ID gauge won’t just help you identify the screw, it’ll tell you the bit you’d use for tapping matching threads and the bit you’d need to drill a clearance hole.

Empire makes the 5-1/8″-long screw ID gauge from 5/64″-thick tempered steel.  It’ll identify SAE standard screws and bolts from #1 to 5/16″, including their thread pitch.  Besides screws and bolts, this gauge’ll also measure wire, pin, and rivet diameters.

Screw ID Gauge [Empire Level]
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3 Responses to Tell One Screw From Another

  1. ChrisW says:

    I have both an inch and a metric version and they are great for figuring which type the small screws are.

  2. Frank Townend says:

    I do too Chris! And I used to have a big box of loose screws that are now cataloged by size and stored in plastic bins. It was a nice rainy day project and no more trips to the store to buy one screw.

    I like the Screw Chek’r brand, made of heavy gauge satin chrome plated steel with precision machined threads.

  3. Mr P says:

    Those flat metal ones don’t have enough thickness to it to tell one from the other and it only does screws and bolt not nuts.

    I prefer this one from http://www.mcmaster.com carr part number 20375A21
    And if you need not just the commen metric and SAE sizes the have more extended versions http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Nut-Bolt-Thread-Checker-METRIC-Size-Gauge-Tool_W0QQitemZ120111464931QQcmdZViewItem

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