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Splinter the wooden supercar put in an appearance at IWF this year, showing off its gleaming polished panels for everyone to gape at.  Its designer Joe Harmon hasn’t installed an engine yet, but still, it’s quite a piece of work. We curiously await the day it rolls under its own power.

Just the thought of it gliding by on the highway, causing a stir and looking fine, makes us smile.  We wouldn’t want to be the ones driving it, but we don’t foresee a shortage of volunteers — that’s if the guys building it would suffer someone else at the helm at all.

We’re eager to see how fast it can shoot through the quarter or rocket to top speed.  Harmon claims that, barring the deHavilland Mosquito, it should be the fastest plywood vehicle ever built.

Splinter At IWF [Joe Harmon Design]


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  1. BC says:

    I was at IWF, and this thing was really neat to see. It just happened that I had some business with Daubert Chemical, so I was lucky to get a pretty good look.

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